Enrollment Forms

Sea Breeze School is now open on campus for the following programs:

Our preschool program offers an opportunity for children from 3-4 years old to develop their social, language, executive function, emotional, and self-regulation skills to help them become school-ready!
Transitional Kindergarten
Transitional Kindergarten is a great program. This program is tailored to be a bridge between preschool and kindergarten that provides time for children to develop fundamental skills required for success in school in an age appropriate setting.
After School Care
Our after school program provides an effective learning opportunity that brings a variety of benefits to children. We offer them space and time to develop and explore their potential and offer them support in improving their social, emotional, cognitive, and academic skills while reducing risky behaviors and promoting physical health.
Summer Programs
Rather than staying at home, we allow children to explore more through our summer programs. We provide a variety of activities that offers numerous benefits, which is essential for the fundamental parts of learning.
teacher with little girl

Aside from these programs, we also offer supervised play, indoor and out, develop gross motor and fine motor skills, and hand eye coordination. Spiritual development is promoted through weekly participation in Chapel Services. Chapel Services are 20-30 minutes in length and are planned and conducted by the Priest.

At Sea Breeze, we celebrate and come to know God’s presence in our lives through prayer, story, and song. All children and faculty are encouraged to attend their own place of worship. Students are accepted without regard to race, sex, color, national, or ethnic origin.

Sample Daily Schedule

  • School Year: The school year begins in late August and usually extends through the middle of June. A summer session is offered. Our holidays are the same as those observed by the San Mateo/Foster City School District traditional school calendar. A school calendar is published in June.
  • Special Events: Parties, special activities, holidays, and individual birthdays are celebrated with classroom parties.
  • Toilet Training: All children accepted by Sea Breeze School must be toilet-trained.



Value of Play

Young children learn and develop ideas about the world through play. It helps them build the techniques necessary for critical thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to learn. Children gain the most from play when they have skilled teachers who can use their interests and activities to guide learning. When children participate in activities they have chosen, learning is more enjoyable.

Researchers are finding more and more connections between children’s play and the learning and development that helps them succeed in school. Studies also show that children’s attitudes of curiosity, persistence, motivation, and competence are key to school success.

When children play:

    • They test their developing ideas with objects, people, and situations- the key ability for academic learning.
    • They develop many kinds of skills together- physical, social, emotional, thinking, and language.
    • They are doing things they are interested in, so they have a natural motivation to learn.


Through pretend play:

    • Children learn to use their imaginations to represent objects, people, and ideas.
    • Children develop their skills in using language and in telling and understanding stories, which are the building blocks of reading and writing.


When children play with various materials, they develop skills in logic. They experiment with cause and effect, with counting and sorting things, and with putting them in order. This practice in experimenting, observing, comparing, and working with shapes, sizes, and quantities forms the basis for understanding math and science for higher-order thinking. As children share materials and play together, they learn to cooperate, listen to others, stand up for their own ideas, negotiate, and empathize.